Overzealous Code Enforcement or a danger to the neighborhood


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If I may ...

To Chris and others. What about those older homes being lived in, or sold, that are not up to, "current", code? With lead piping. Inadequate plumbing? Out of date/specs septic. Old substandard electrical wring? Lower gauge wiring? Old fuse boxes instead of circuit breaker boxes? Old framing techniques? Lead paint throughout? Asbestos shingles. Asbestos insulation? On and on and on and on. Should, "The People", step in and force remediation to these types of proprieties of the current occupiers or new buyers? Should the gestapo code enforcers now force older homes to be updated every time there is a new code written or revised even if it's only one year old? Where does it end, this encroachment into individual liberty?
It's good that you ask and that is exactly what Ocasio-Cortez and her Green Plan propose to do.


If I may ...
If I may ...

You admit that a contractor should follow some sort of code, but fail to see why it may be important for a homeowner doing their own work to follow a code?

She rents out the main house, so maybe she's dropping the brown kids off at the pool in her back yard?

If she built a normal treehouse without running water and electricity, she'd likely not be in this situation. If she didn't rent out the place and bring in campers, she'd likely be okay. If she sold the house and built her treehouse in another area zzoned for it, she'd be okay.

Let me point out something. I can guarantee that you are older than me. This government. These codes. These "gestapo code enforcers". etc are on your shoulders. You created this government. Your generation (and past generations) screwed it up for everyone else. Don't blame me for not flipping the bird to "the man" when it was your generation that created them.

Second, you know jack crap about me. So quit acting like you do.
The codes don't say that structures have to meet the current adopted codes at all times. They say that if the house is to be renovated, then it needs to meet current adopted codes.
"The codes don't say ...." Hahahaha. And what if they did "say"? Would you still be ok with government forcing you to update everything to "code"? Least they fine you for not doing so? Even though your home is only four years old, works fine, but a code was updated so you have to remediate the shortcoming of the old code? Poltroon.

I admit nothing. But when one contracts with another to build something then it should be accomplished to a safe standard, else the liability is on the person or company doing the work. She Airbnb's the little shack. People, as well as herself, do their business in the main house. Did you not even watch the video you posted? Blame me? I created this government? You mean like when our State government that restricted firearms under, I believe the Gun Control Act of 2004, where I, along with thousands of other protesters came from all over the State and flooded Annapolis, and the hearing room, lined up to give testimony against that bill for hours, and filled the halls, standing against the treasonous cowards restricting our Constitutional rights? One of the most, if not the largest, ever turn outs of people fighting and standing against what those in government were doing. Were you even there? Standing shoulder to shoulder with others fighting for liberty and the natural right you were born with? Where a vast majority of all Marylanders were against that bill. And yet they still went against the wishes and will of the people. So I did not create this government? Fu-k no I didn't create it. I fight and continue to fight against the nannies in government trying to tell me, us, what we can and cannot do. But is it people like you that just brush it aside as the normal course of one person ruling over another. You are accustomed to being told what you can and cannot do accepting the reasoning and explanations because they seem, "reasonable and prudent and rational and justified", based upon pretexts that the State is there to "protect" you.

Those that do visit her place do so knowing what the place is like. That is part of the draw. The ambiance. The character. And like the woman, stand with her and against government intrusion and intervention. Something you obviously know nothing, nor care, about.


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Something you obviously know nothing, nor care, about.
"What if". Fact is, they don't. Your hypothetical is not based on reality. She put herself in the position she's in and has remedies for it. She chooses not to pursue those.

To your other points, there's photos of me in Annapolis protesting Maryland's gun laws in 2013.

Like I said. You don't know anything about me.


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You admit that a contractor should follow some sort of code,

The codes don't say that structures have to meet the current adopted codes
Two good points you made:
  1. She constructed the building without permits, which most often are accompanied by visits from inspectors to verify current code is being met.
  2. The operative word above is current code, inspectors don't randomly apply the current code, they enforce the code at the time of construction or renovation. Again, any work that would require a permit.
In answer to has other questions, yes, even old homes can be held to current (no pun intended) code if they are renovated, even the most historic.
Some very historic buildings have been rewired, had alarm and sprinkler systems installed. Some accommodation is made for public buildings for historical purposes, but it's in the best interest of all to make certain updates if they don't significantly detract from the historical re-enactment.