Parts For 95 Mustang GT ????

Capt Brady

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Just bought a new (to me) toy, a 95 Mustang GT black. Needs a couple of parts.

Looking for an interior console in either red or black and a front bumper assembly.

Ken King

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Brandywine has the front bumper assembly for both the Indy/Cobra models and the standards. Not sure where the GT fits into the groupings. Check

Didn't see anything on the center console, but I am sure they can be found. Try searching for Mustang groups.

Capt Brady

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Parts For 95 Mustang GT

Thanks Ken,

I'm in constant contact with the good folks at Brandywine. I found the front bumper cap in an aftermarket catalog, It's the interior console that's kind of difficult to locate; I'd prefer it in black.

Capt Brady

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Thanks For Your Help

I followed up on the Ebay links and discovered a Mustang salvage yard near Atlanta GA that is about as close to Mustang heaven as it gets.

Additionally , knowing what these parts bring on the Ebay gives me some leverage in neogiating a price.