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:lol: Went to 1936 in Ches Beach last spring, wife wanted a crabcake. Asked the waitress how much the crabcakes were, she said $45..we said no, not the dinner..and she said oh, the crabcake dinner is $55. We did without, thank you very much.
Yeah, last time I looked at a pound of crab meat to take home and make my own, it was 60 bucks.

and I thought it was bad when the price was $20 a pound.


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Haven’t been to Jerry’s in 5 years or longer - to far to drive for the average date night - by the time we get back home, the mood is lost and we both just want to sleep...

Ya know? They have a little blue pill for that problem.
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If anyone is ever in the Annapolis/Edgewater area, the Edgewater Restaurant on Mayo Road has a great jumbo lump crab cake. Their cream of crab soup is really good too. I haven’t been there in awhile, so I have no idea what the prices are.


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Damn, OG mention. It hasn't been that since what the Bush 1 years? Lone Star would have been a stretch I figured.

One of the coworkers at lunch today used to be a manager there :)

Sorry folks, I wasnt feeling that crab cake. Okay was the best I'd give it. Good size, lots of meant, just not a lot of flavor.