Pentagon asks for $114M to spend on diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility in 2024


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🔥 I want to assure you that, as we edge closer and closer to the kinetic phase of World War III, amidst a critical recruiting shortfall, our country’s top generals have their priorities straight. They are on it. Don’t believe me? Take a look at yesterday’s Fox article headlined, “Pentagon asks for $114M to spend on diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility in 2024.” It’s the most they’ve ever allocated for DEI! And just look at these lovely, body-positive uniformed ladies (don’t you dare call them ‘fat’):

Fox reported that the DOD’s DEI funding request “is the largest of its kind yet.”

Thank. Goodness.

Diversity is our secret weapon. The Russians and the Chinese don’t even use diversity, if you can believe that. They fill their armies with patriarchal, native-born, high-testosterone alpha males. They don’t even force recruits to walk a mile in high heels or memorize the pronoun chart. Ze, zhir, zim, Om, orr, ogg … wait, I need to start over.

So Russia and China don’t stand a chance against our high-estrogen army. Thanks generals!

In unrelated news, also yesterday, a $1.46 billion-dollar P-8A Navy sub-hunter overshot the runway and sank into Kaneohe Bay. Not that it matters, but unconfirmed reports claimed it was a diverse all-female crew. Hey, it’s a big, unwieldy plane! Landing it was kind of like trying to park an extended-cab F250 while checking your makeup.

image 4.png

Or maybe the crew thought the plane could hunt submarines even better from the water.



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So I saw a thing on TikTok last week or maybe the week before. It was showing a bunch of military recruitment commercials over the last several years that focus on diversity etc. like the little girl with two mommies, one of which is in the Army. Then they show the newest Army ad which is all white guys in tactical uniforms jumping from a helicopter, and it returns to the "be all that you can be" slogan.

The conclusion being that the military just woke up and realized they may actually need soldiers who can fight on the ground, not non-deployables who need constant medical care, idiots who joined because they couldn't qualify to push a cart at target, or little girls (sorry) that can't even carry their own ruck sack.