Playing with the dog


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Well, playing fetch turned into "Gimme the ball" - he gets it, then runs around with it wanting me to chase him. :lol: Good that we'll be having more daylight as of tomorrow because then we can go to the dog park more often.
you need some puppy training.. :buddies:

Larry Gude

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:mad: What did Kiki Stinkertoes ever do to you?
Ha! Why don't you just try and defend Osama bin Laden, huh? He left far fewer nasty surprises in his whole life for the innocent, men, women AND children, than Sheik ur Stinkertoes has in a typical weekend of her personal jihad against clean flooring.

And dry feet.


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Most state parks have trails that allow you and your dog to walk them which I enjoyed when I had a dog that liked to be walked.

And a suggestion for when it gets warmer... see if Apollo enjoys swimming
^This^ I never had a dog that got tired of the park or the beach even if they didn't like the water. Exploring gives them a change of scents and scenery.