Portable Solar Panels


Just sneakin' around....
I was looking for something a little more portable than the large hard-framed panels, something easily moved around and stowed when not needed. After some research, I came across a panel made by Anker in Canada. Looked really nice, great reviews, folds up into a suitcase, decent wattage. Ordered a pair of 200W panels. A bit more pricey than other similar panels, but what the heck.

Just got them. I'm really impressed by their construction. Solid backing, 3-position tilts with magnetic stowing, IP-67 rated, XT-60 connection and comes with a power cord that is really heavy and well made. Set one up inside in the family room kinda pointed towards a north facing window. It was developing over 40VDC on reflected, indirect light, rated for 58VDC open circuit.

I need to get some XT-60 connectors so I can make an adapter for my solar charger, then I'll run some real tests on them.

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