Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler pepper-sprays man who accosted him outside pub


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Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler pepper-sprayed a man who accosted him after he dined at a local pub on Sunday night, according to reports.

Wheeler was with former Portland mayor Sam Adams when a man confronted them outside McMenamins Hillsdale Brewery & Public House, according to a police report obtained by The Oregonian.

The man reportedly complained that Wheeler and Adams were not wearing face masks while dining.

The two had been inside the restaurant’s tent, and Wheeler explained to the man that masks are not required while eating, KOIN reported.

Recording with his cellphone, the man, who was maskless, then followed Wheeler to his car.

Would Wheeler shot the dude if he [ Wheeler ] had a weapon?


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You know, the lefties on the left coast are beginning to realize what the rest of us already knew - these guys are no one's friend. They were useful in fomenting violence so they could claim it was all racial and white supremacists but that one is done. The people of Portland, Tacoma and Seattle - they're not buying it. My BIL moved away from that mess, and he is as Democrat as they come.

They're like a horde of rattlesnakes - they'll bite anyone. I really can't sympathize with these leaders nor the voters who keep putting them in power.


Having a Beer while the world burns!
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Mildly surprised he didnt' have someone do it for him.