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Looks like the Ale House has completely redone their menu since I was last there (probably 2 years ago). A lot of those dishes sound awesome and I've gotta try their version of poutine.


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I've wondered about finding a way to try them. Know a guy who unwittingly destroyed his home by overcooking them.

Personally, I don't like anything on my fries - it makes me wince when waitstaff or someone at a fast food place runs down the list of sauces they have for them AFTER I've said no thanks. Hot, and salted. A little greasy. Maybe Old Bay - garlic - seasoned salt - but no liquids.

Unless they're bad - then ketchup.
That's my style right there. Not big on Old Bay, maybe garlic or seasoned salt. I don't want liquid on them.
Now, give me a cup or some on my plate and I might dip. Depends on the liquid. If it's good and spicy, I might have to dip.
If the seasoning is a little to heavy, the vinegar in the ketchup helps cut the salt.