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I follow the guy very closely. The senile references are Russian disinformation.
See, this guy gets it. Now if we could only figure out how they keep shitting in Joe's pants. I think they finally perfected that brown note technology and are using directional beam speakers on him.


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epiphany #1...

Yeah, this is me.... lets be serious for a moment. Can any of us do a goshdarn thing about any of this freak show? The Country is more concerned over the whore and a football player than Government. Lunatics won the war and I'm sitting here in Huntingtown watching it snow with a booming headache.

OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH lets worry about the proposed Aldi even though the Calvert Hospital is worthless...
Calvert is bad. ? St. Mary's is a Trauma Hospital that won't take Trauma.
It's a fairly good Urgent care Not too bad upstairs, but the ER hasn't got enough room or staff.
It keep the Medstar helicopters flying, I guess that's something.