Quran 2:203-209 Leaving early....


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Quran 2:203. And remember God during the designated days. But whoever hurries on in two days commits no wrong, and whoever stays on commits no wrong—provided he maintains righteousness. And obey God, and know that to Him you will be gathered.
204. Among the people is he whose speech about the worldly life impresses you, and he calls God to witness what is in his heart, while he is the most hostile of adversaries.
205. When he gains power, he strives to spread corruption on earth, destroying properties and lives. God does not like corruption.
206. And when he is told, “Beware of God,” his pride leads him to more sin. Hell is enough for him—a dreadful abode.
207. And among the people is he who sells himself seeking God’s approval. God is kind towards the servants.
208. O you who believe! Enter into submission, wholeheartedly, and do not follow the footsteps of Satan; he is to you an outright enemy.
209. But if you slip after the proofs have come to you, know that God is Powerful and Wise.

So when I read this.... I had no idea what the "designated days" was all about. This is from the commentary.

The appointed days are the three days following the day of Sacrifice, and are called the days of Tashrßq.​
Ordinarily pilgrims leave on the afternoon of the last day of Tashrßq days, but they are allowed to leave on the evening of the second day.

Here the Muslims are told that Truth cannot be established unless they work for it whole-heartedly. The word silm means peace as well as submission. In fact, complete submission to God is synonymous with complete peace.
I've been to a multitude of Protestant Churches but I've never been to a mosque. I can only talk about what this means to me from the Protestant Christian stand point.

In the Protestant Christian Church.... I was taught..... it's rude to leave early.

At the end of the service.... in the Protestant Christian Church.... the next to the last item on the agenda is the "Call". That's when people who have been moved by the Holy Spirit to make a formal statement of Belief. This is the part of the service that allows a human to join the family of God.

If a member leaves early.... he'll miss the arrival of a new family member.... how rude would that be?

Now... If there is no one in the church during that meeting who will answer the "Call".... then the preacher is moving from the pulpit to the door where he pronounces the benediction.... meaning everyone can bolt and get the better table at Denny's or get to the golf course with a "t" time scheduled..... because the preacher probably ran long trying to get someone, anyone, to answer the "Call" so he could quantify his personal account as preacher..... "I waited Lord.... they didn't come".

In the Protestant Christian Church.... the "Call" is the reason for the season. Church is where the family of God gets together. It's where the Public Profession of Faith happens. Leaving early... well it's thumbing your nose at God.

I can remember the days when all the men gathered out in the parking lot under the shade tree to smoke while the women watched the children play. Leaving early would steal that fun time from the brothers and sisters in Christ. But I'm old.... so I also remember prayer in the public school and sock hops.

I think it's about those who are antsy in God's House... or Mosque. I'm pretty sure they have their "unbelievers" in the Mosque too. They are there for every event.... but the really don't believe.... being seen is good for business..... and they spend every minute waiting to leave.

It's about leaving early.... right?