Quran 3:160-169 White Hat or Black Hat?


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Quran 3:160. If God supports you, there is none who can overcome you. But if He fails you, who is there to help you after Him? So in God let the believers put their trust.
161. It is not for a prophet to act dishonestly. Whoever acts dishonestly will bring his dishonesty on the Day of Resurrection. Then every soul will be paid in full for what it has earned, and they will not be wronged.
162. Is someone who pursues God's approval the same as someone who incurs God's wrath and his refuge is Hell—the miserable destination?
163. They have different ranks with God, and God is Seeing of what they do.
164. God has blessed the believers, as He raised up among them a messenger from among themselves, who recites to them His revelations, and purifies them, and teaches them the Scripture and wisdom; although before that they were in evident error.
165. And when a calamity befell you, even after you had inflicted twice as much, you said, “How is this?” Say, “It is from your own selves.” God is Able to do all things.
166. What befell you on the day the two armies clashed was with God’s permission; that He may know the believers.
167. And that He may know the hypocrites. And it was said to them, “Come, fight in the cause of God, or contribute.” They said, “If we knew how to fight, we would have followed you.” On that day they were closer to infidelity than they were to faith. They say with their mouths what is not in their hearts; but God knows what they hide.
168. Those who said of their brethren, as they stayed behind, “Had they obeyed us, they would not have been killed.” Say, “Then avert death from yourselves, if you are truthful.”
169. Do not consider those killed in the cause of God as dead. In fact, they are alive, at their Lord, well provided for.

The commentary works again this morning.

The disbelievers had already suffered twice at the hands of the Muslims, once in the field of Badr and again in the early stages of the battle of U√ud. In Badr alone they had inflicted on the disbelievers double the loss which they suffered in U√ud. At the latter place they lost only seventy killed, while at Badr the disbelievers lost 140, seventy killed and seventy prisoners.
The words show clearly that in the language of the Qur’ån, fighting in Allåh’s way carries the significance of fighting in self-defence.
They feigned they did not know how to fight. Or the meaning may be, if we knew that it was a fight, the implication being that the Muslims were going, not to fight but to sure destruction with such a disparity of numbers.
According to what I just read.... they are saying the reason they only fight in self defense is that they don't know how to fight.

May I go back to the Westerns on TV in this analogy? Doesn't matter... I'm going to anyway. When watching "Wanted Dead or Alive" or "Have Gun Will Travel".... the bad guy is mean and he [or she] has called in a gunman who can fight for them. It's not that the guy [or gal] who hired the gunman is afraid. The guy [or gal] and the gunman are generally dead wrong or they have lost the one he [or she] loves more than anything or anyone else.... and they want revenge. Or the guy [or gal] who hired the gunman is greedy and he's in it for the land or the "money" they stole or they hid.

The point being it was always revenge or greed or some other "sin" that got the mean guy [or gal] going and it would take a "professional" to stop them. So there is the kind or all knowing "gunman" who only uses his gun for the "right" cause. It was always a noble cause that required him to shed blood.

On these two TV shows, the bad guy wouldn't win.... so the "professional" would have come in to defend or protect the good guy.... generally a "town's people" or a "sod buster". These people would know how to load a gun.... but they wouldn't be hired guns. They had no vengeance or greed in their hearts.

Boy it's easy to know the good guy from the bad guy in those shows. Actually... it's almost mind numbing to have the whole of society broken down in black hats and white hats [that never fall off]. Who would ever pick the wrong side of those story lines.... the bad guys either wound up dead or in prison. The good guys just put down their weapons [if they ever picked them up] and went back to counting inventory in the general store, fixing up the biscuits in the town diner, or back to the farm.

They are peaceful. God is their focus so they don't have time for ruthlessness.

The Quran describes all the Believing Muslims much like the characters the TV writers would describe Josh Randall or Paladin or the good town's people. They are not bad people... they are only defending themselves against the bad guy. They don't pick up a gun until they have to... and all their victims where black hats.

The writers control the scenario in the TV shows. God controls the scenario in life. If you really Believe.... if you are more than a pew warmer.... if you are a true child of God.... God controls your life. He's looking out for you even when you don't know it.

The writers know how the story will end. God knows how your story ends.

Do you wear a white hat or a black hat?