Red Beans and Rice


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Oh me too. My mom was - well she wasn't terrible, but most meals were ground beef thrown in with something. Ground beef in mac n cheese, ground beef in macaroni, ground beef in beans, ground beef in noodles and a stroganoff, ground beef in spanish rice -

Same. Thank god for Food Network so I could learn to finally cook.


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And now the food network has turned into the game show network.
Buuuut! I did learn a few things on Beat Bobby Flay. The other night I made a top sirloin roast, and it came out tender and flaky - but not flavorful because the cut of meat has almost zero marbling. The cooks had a way of keeping flavor in it.


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Back when Food Network came on the air, my Mother was one of their dedicated viewers, not that she needed to learn anything.

She'd watch, Rachel Ray, some guy named Tyler and a few others I can't remember and write down some of the recipes they'd each make so she could try them.

Doing her grocery run became an education.

Right out of the gate I was like "What the hell is a Fennel?"


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There's this:

It's not very spicy at all.