RIP Larry Gude


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Larry possessed a rhetorical stamina that was unmatched. I'd post something on my FB that Larry took issue with and he'd write most of an entire book to refute and dispute.
got to admit he was a bit of a writer.


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That should be part of his eulogy - "Larry possessed an unmatched rhetorical stamina..." Everyone in the place would break out laughing. :lol:
I’m glad you remember that there were some things about him that you liked, too many times the exes can’t remember anything of the good only the bad.


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What a shock. Saw posts from his daughters that threw me, and I couldn't figure out why.. I can't tell you how shocked I was when I figured out the why.

Haven't interacted with him in quite awhile, but did visit him in PA where he proudly got to show us around his greenhouses.. and WOW.. something to be really proud of, amazing.

Never joined an argument or debate unarmed, and we had our share of them..


Kicked over on Easter morning of lung cancer. Which is ironic (the Easter part) because he always wanted to literally live forever, be cryogenically frozen so they could revive him when they discovered how to make immortality happen.

Anyway, I know some of you knew him (argued with him) on here. Just wanted to give everyone the update.
I am sorry to hear that. I liked Larry and enjoyed his postings.

Thank you for sharing this information. And I agree with NOTSMC #**** cancer.