Ryan Rogers murder: Florida police identify suspect in custody after teen's 'deliberate' killing


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Semmie Lee Williams is accused of murder in the death of 14-year-old Ryan Rogers of Palm Beach Gardens

Florida police say a 39-year-old "homeless drifter" is behind the killing of a teenage boy who went out for a bike ride two weeks ago and never came home.

Police announced charges of first-degree premeditated murder against Semmie Lee Williams Thursday morning in the stabbing death of Ryan Rogers, 14, calling, the suspect a "dangerous monster" and an "animal."

Palm Beach Gardens Police Chief Clinton Shannon said Williams had a long criminal record, full of violence charges and stretching back two decades.

Williams’ most recent prior arrest came in Georgia in 2016, Shannon said – for assault and strangulation. That same year, California authorities labeled him a fugitive from justice on a warrant out of San Diego. And in 2014, he allegedly beat up a senior citizen in Atlanta. Other charges date to the early 2000s.



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Dear Florida,

Please remove this POS from the gene pool as well.

Best regards,

A fan in MD


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Like I said before, there needs to be consequences for cutting these people loose to prey on society.


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The real domestic terrorists are people like this guy and those in the justice system that turn him loose on polite society.