Scanner in Calvert


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I can't seem to connect to the Calvert scanner using any of the software links provided nor does it play through the HTML link. What am I doing wrong? Using Chrome as a browser.


God bless the USA
Hubby turned off electric to replace porch light fixtures...forgot to reboot.
Feel free to reboot me when needed.
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It is impressive that you and dgates are so involved in somd counties that you sponsor the scanner. Home maintenance is a pain in the butt. We moved to a flipped house that has some issues. If I use the microwave with too many lights on, it trips the circuit. Makes me wonder about inspection, and all. Anyway, thank you for what you do as far as the connection on this forum; even though it doesn't affect us anymore. :smile:

I really miss Calvert County, but life is change, and it goes on.

Maybe I will get to meet you irl some day! Take care. Robin
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