Schiff Screwed Biden Big Time with 'Russian Disinformation' Trope


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If this story is "Russian disinformation," according to Schiff, the propagandists in the Kremlin would ensure that the scandal would be a real doozy. Otherwise, why bother?

So Schiff claiming this story is "Russian disinformation" implies that it would be a real problem if it wasn't disinformation. And that's how he screwed Joe.

Joe Biden always had the escape hatch of "this thing may seem unseemly, and in retrospect, perhaps Hunter shouldn't have done it just for appearance's sake, but he did nothing wrong and he did nothing illegal."

Now, that story won't work without exposing Schiff as the blowhard liar that he is.

It's one or the other: Either it's a Russian disinformation campaign or Schiff was talking out of his butt, the emails are real, but they do not rise to the level of criminal behavior. It can't be both.

It will be fascinating to see how Biden plays this. Either way, we can all agree: Adam Schiff is a lying moron.