Seeking Family Recipes and Traditions Passed Down Through Generations that Define Southern Maryland’s Food Heritage

Selected recipes with their stories, keeper, and memories will be featured in a documentary film


SMADC is inviting families throughout Southern Maryland's diverse geographic and ethnic communities to nominate their recipes for consideration. Through a selection process, up to eight recipes with their 'keeper' will be chosen that exemplify the project. SMADC will interview these ‘keepers’ of the recipes and will follow them into their home kitchens to film them creating the foods that have sustained their family for generations.

In the words of one “keeper” who has written the following about her “Grandma’s Hands”: We are blessed to have had her wonderful skills coming out of the kitchen. I feel it’s ancestral when I am cooking and baking her recipes.”

Selected recipes with their keeper, stories, and memories will be featured in our documentary film, along with a printed component to be shared with heritage tourism sites and partners around the region.

“Food stories are endless, but they all come back to a simple fact: food is powerful. It excites our tastes. It nourishes our bodies. It is infused and marinated with emotion. And it provides us with a solid connection to our past and heritage. Our 'Grandma’s Hands' are the sources of these very human, and very tender, and very personal stories which, when woven together, tell the story of our heritage,” commented Craig Sewell, SMADC’s Project Director, who conceived the project.

Recipes and traditions may be nominated by the current custodian of the recipe, family members, and others. The consent of the current recipe ‘keeper’ or author is required. Recipe Nominations are due by February 7, 2023.

Nominate your recipe and learn more about 'Our Grandma's Hands' at

This project has been financed in part with State Funds from the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority, an instrumentality of the State of Maryland.