Sims 4 Introduces Trans Surgery Scars And Characters, Purely Religious Move Makes NO Business Sense


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Gamer Groomers: 'The Sims' Introduces 'Top Surgery Scars,' 'Binders' as Character Accessories

(For the uninitiated, “top surgery” is a euphemism for surgical breast removal. And “binders” are fashion accessories that female-to-male transgenders use to “bind” their breasts in an attempt to conceal them. She Bop in Portland will fit your trans child for binders for free!)

Assuming a transgender user is playing The Sims to live out a fantasy life, why wouldn’t they create a character that’s just naturally whatever gender they wish they were?

Of course, most transgenders are more accurately described as “trans-trenders” because their “gender diversity” is designed to elicit social praise, not to become another gender, which is the stated goal. So naturally, they’d want their character to proudly display her top surgery so everyone knows she’s trans, not to actually look like a boy which is ostensibly the whole point of “transition.”


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I had (have?) am account at Second Life.
For all I know my character is still sitting on that park bench these years later.
Many years ago NAVAIR was promoting second life for meetings, I told my then girlfriend, she told me what it was popular for, I about died laughing. It wasn't long till they stopped talking about it.