Snapchat's New Gender-Swap Filter Is Causing Problems For Social Justice Warriors


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A number of transgender individuals have complained to major news outlets, like the New York Post and the Guardian, about how the Snapchat filters turns transitioning gender into a game, and how the app "appropriates" gender transition and turns it into a game.

“My gender’s not a costume,” one transgender individual told the Post. “This story that I feel is very real. I lost a lot to be who I am, and I fought really hard for the body that I’m in.

“And when certain people post it and write about how silly it is and how goofy they look with this filter,” the person told the paper, “it makes light of the transgender experience.”


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Apparently one of the things Trannys lose is a sense of humor.


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This piece is getting serious backlash on social media. Trans people are NOT thrilled with these media outlets highlighting the most mentally ill bitchers of their demographic and pretending that's the norm.

In fact most cultures that are portrayed as victims of appropriation by a handful of their LCD and the media are not happy about it. With social media, it's time to listen to people, not whatever bullshit the media make up to sell clicks and viewership.