Snopes Escalates Attack On The Babylon Bee, Justifies Flagging Satire


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Weeks after The Babylon Bee obtained legal representation against the fact-checking site for unfairly rating their openly satirical articles and for suggesting that the outlet deliberately misleads their readers, Snopes released a report on Friday justifying its attack on the Bee by suggesting that Republicans are too stupid to know the difference between fake news and satire.

"Our team of communication researchers has spent years studying misinformation, satire and social media," the report begins. "Over the last several months, we've surveyed Americans' beliefs about dozens of high-profile political issues. We identified news stories – both true and false – that were being shared widely on social media. We discovered that many of the false stories weren't the kind that were trying to intentionally deceive their readers; they actually came from satirical sites, and many people seemed to believe them."

"The truth is, understanding online political satire isn't easy," it continues. "Many satirical websites mimic the tone and appearance of news sites. You have to be familiar with the political issue being satirized. You have to understand what normal political rhetoric looks like, and you have to recognize exaggeration. Otherwise, it's pretty easy to mistake a satirical message for a literal one."


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