so, Moonhead Governor Moore....


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1) Very liberal Governor Moore will slash millions from the States Department of Transportation

No need to have valid tags, you cant get them...suspended license?? who cares. who needs new roads and why fix that bridge...and who's gonna support those MVA employees that are so efficiently rude...

2) floats a bond to build neighborhoods of affordable housing for people that cant guy 3 gallons of gasoline

Knock Chevy Chase, Bethesda and Cabin John housing down and put in EV charged apartments!!!!!

California doesn't suck as bad as Maryland.... yippeeeeee


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1) Very liberal Governor Moore will slash millions from the States Department of Transportation

California doesn't suck as bad as Maryland.... yippeeeeee
Does this mean State Highway crews won't be wasti...I mean liberally spreading salt on the roads this winter 3 days before it rains?


I worked for the state for 33+ years. Back in late 2020, I pushed my self away from my desk and said I was done. Yes, my final straw. Something that pissed me off so bad that I could have punched people in the throats - bad.

I told nobody that my packet to retire had been completed for months and I just needed to make up my mind and date everything. Everyone told me, you'll know when you know it is time to go. And, they were right. I did.

Actually, a sense of calm came over me and I realized I had done all I was able to do and that this chapter of my life needed to be over. I was out in 45 days, so early 2021. We were under no obligation to inform our bosses we had submitted a request to the board to retire. Once I had approval from the retirement board, I notified my boss which only gave her 2-weeks of a notice I was leaving. I had taken many days off and just - well - took up space - stayed low and disconnected. :lol:

I don't regret it at all. Things will never change. As I read that article, I seriously felt a headache coming on.


Oh and I was up the road in a high position for a year when I left but here is the irony...

The position I vacated a year prior was still vacant when I retired. They divided up the work between 4 people and nobody would accept an offer to fill it. Since I left, it just got filled for a 2nd time. The first person quit.

The position up the road I left behind took 16 months to fill, again, nobody wanted it and I was told that the person in the position now is extremely unhappy and is looking hard to move elsewhere.

Says a lot doesn't it?


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One way the state could save money is get the guys in Calvert jail cleaning up litter on the road again. During COVID they stopped and if my observations are correct, they never resumed.
Now I see the state highway dump trucks and a few guys filling bags with trash on 2/4. My guess is that they are not minimum wage earners.


thats Moore's plan...those people you commonly refer to as "inmates" are residual repurposing agents of the State, Grade 14, are earning a living wage of $56,000.00 a year with benefits!!! They have free tuition at Bowie State in their "off hours" with tutors at the detention rehousing facility.

Educate yourself and admit YOU WORK someplace...!!!!!
My favorite thing - Justice Reinvestment Act :yay:

of course I am being facetious. :lol:


Maryland Transit Admin will announce light rail service to be suspended effective tomorrow. No further details have been released so far; News conference scheduled for 5:30p.

Here we go - cuts are happening.


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