So what makes a sport?


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To me it's any physical competition. Competitive dancing is a sport. Handstand contests.

@Bonehead says nuh-uh, what do you all say?


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I agree with the opening post. A sport is simply competition between individuals or teams. Most often there is a physical aspect, to varying degrees. For example, many I have known in my life have lampooned me for playing golf, saying it's not a "real" sport. They are dead wrong. Many say the same about NASCAR or F1 or other auto/motorcycle racing. They too are wrong.


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Making an activity a competition doesn't necessarily make it a sport. I like to fish. If I fish with 2 or 3 other people and make it a competition to see who can catch the largest fish, nothing changed except the addition of a challenge between participants.

As far as sports, I like events where things are quantifiable. Putting a puck in a net, weight lifted over your head or a ball in a hoop. Events that are judged are subjective. That's why I wish boxing would increase the number of judges to at least 5. You look at a single round. Often 1 judge will call the round a draw while the other 2 judges split between the 2 combatants. I don't think you should lose or gain points on your total score based on how good your outfit looks or for the music you select for your routine. But the talking heads that cover events like figure skating say that all the time.


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Everything that is a competition is a sport. They all require some specific skill(s) to be the best and those skills weren't necessarily athletic skills.