Can anyone please tell me if there is any baseball leagues around this area or is the only thing softball.  I mean come on they take softball so serious down here.  Isnt there a mans sport of baseball around or do they just play the womens sport. (Now thats lame).  Do the men wear sports bras to? Let me know please!!

Ken King

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In the spirit of your post, is it FunnyGuy because of a lack of firmness to your handshake or do you wear size thirty shoes, are partially bald with bright red hair standing out from the sides and like striped clothes?

Now to your inquiry, yes there is a men’s baseball league in the area.  Two divisions with I think about 13 total teams.  Most of which are in Charles County.  Try for more information.  BTW softball is big in the area and I think most of the players wouldn’t think that you’re that funny.


Hey thanks man i do appreciate it.  I had to get someones attention and figured that would work. HAHA Thanks again man!!