SoMD Backyard Wrestling


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Come on people... tell me the truth... Where are those people who are over obesive with wrestling and have started their own backyard wresting league?? I want to watch one, sometime... fill me in... maybe I'll do an expose on you when I start sending stuff to Channel 10... just member kids... dont try this stuff at home... leave it to the professionals... :rolleyes:


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Ya should have caught me when my son was younger - he and his buddies used to backyard wrestle. They had championship belts and the whole nine yards. One kid had a trampoline so they got a belt for the Tramp Champ. Too funny! Before my son went to Korea, we were going through his stuff and found his old champ belt and about died laughing when he put it on and started posing.

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages..."


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i must admit...

Me and like a few of the other neighborhood kids use to do the same thing... without the trampoline and belts... unfortanitly, i was always outnumbered *L* I actally survived a 3 on 1 "Ass Kicking of a Lifetime" after the match was stopped because my nose was bleeding and i couldn't see... wait that wasn't a match that was me just getting my ass kicked... I wonder if there are any long time effects of that day...

what was i saying? oh yeah, wrestling... anyway... i watched "wrastlin" before it was cool to watch it *L* me and the other neighborhood kids use to have some long ass matches... usually ended by a dinner call or someone getting upset they lost *L*


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Haven't heard of any in SOMD, but there is a pay per view of "Backyard Wrestling" It's on Direct T.V., I think it was $9.95. It was awesome! These guys and gals were just plan nuts. It is a must see if your a big wrestling fan.