Sometimes I can't believe this is my life...


If I may ...
If I may ...

Well...I mean...he's right. Holes in donuts are stupid. Then they serve the donut holes separate and it's like, just give me the whole freaking donut.
But then it's not a donut, without a hole, is it? Then it's just a tasty round concoction of flour, shortening, milk, sugar, salt, water, yeast, eggs or egg whites, and flavorings that is just begging to be shot full of some tasty jelly or custard. It is the hole that makes it special. In addition, with a hole, it gives one the impression that it is ok to eat two because so much of the dough is missing due to the hole. Also, what about the guy selling these at county fairs in the old days? He's probably the one that figured out that if there were a hole in these tasty concoctions, he could carry around more of them easier by running a long stick through the hole whilst walking through a crowd of people. So don't question the hole. It is sacrosanct.


happy to be living
withrespect, I have missed your posts and humor. Having decided early on to not have children, I can appreciate your posts and know I made the right choice. J/K please post more often!