Sooooo...this is a thing


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Why do these men dressed as woman have moustaches? This makes it even more disgusting.


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I truly do not believe that little girl has anything to fear from that flamer. I can't say the same for little boys.
Sickening, Barf worthy.

Stay how people and save the money that Disney will rob from you with high priced admission, food , parking and drinks.
Take your kids to Monticello, or Mount Vernon, or the Smithsonian.


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Bet when the looters grab & run none of the pride stuff is taken.
Hell a Target in WV I was at had last years in the clearance bin. Also the "colors of the world" Crayola's and "My Skin" Bandaids were heavily discounted. I bought some of the bandaids since I don't give a crap what color my booboo is covered with.


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Oh, gee - another reason to NOT spend my money at Disney. :rolleyes:

I think spending $250+ on a Princess dress for an elementary school girl is of questionable intelligence anyway - just my .02