Soooooo, this kegerator fell into my lap

What size do you get? My consumption isnt that high, so I'm going to start with a "sixtel" of sixth of a barrel (not even sure what to call it, the 5 gallon one) of a lesser brew while I dial things in. Buying a dual tap so in the future I can keep two of those in the machine. Sized to hold a "full" keg so two of those should fit fine.
I get my C02 from Three mules and kegs from Twist. Haven't ordered a 1/6th in a while, but they used to get them for me.


Power with Control
So, about a week ago, finally stopped in to the place in California, near the MOG. Asked about Yuengling, they said it doesnt come in sixtels, but they are pretty much the same price so maybe I wanted Sam Addams Ocktoberfest. Which he had in stock. $100 plus $30 deposit. Was super easy to dial in, got some foam to start, upped the pressure to 13psi and dropped the temp from 38 to 35 and bam, pours perfect. Man, this is wayyyyyyy to easy to just be able to just pour one. Good thing I'm not a drinking man like I was back in the day......