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In a previous thread about the Apollo spacecraft, I mentioned a wooden space shuttle prototype. I did some research and found this. Space Shuttle Inspiration - Wikipedia .
It is actually the Inspiration. When I saw it, it had been in storage for years. It was on the grounds of the Downey Studios which is the old North American Rockwell factory. When we were there, they said that it looked like the employees went home on a Friday and never came back. I was actually there twice. The second time, they had just finished filming a G.I.Joe movie and were loading the vehicles to be destroyed. The movie The Grinch with Jim Carey was also filmed there and Jim Carey would always ride a bicycle from his trailer to the set. If I had been able to go a third time, one of the big wigs from The Challenger Learning Center that was being built was a friend of the actor Kevin Tighe, their kids used to play together. He was going to have Kevin Tighe over to meet me since I'm a huge Emergency tv show fan.

I was saddened to find out that the studio has been demolished. Fortunately, the Inspiration was saved, restored and put on display. I would love to go back and see it again.