Spanking navy officer in appeal bid


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Spanking navy officer in appeal bid |

A NAVAL officer sentenced to 18 months' jail for spanking a junior female sailor has launched an appeal against his conviction.

Lieutenant John Alan Jones appeared before the Defence Force Discipline Appeal Tribunal in Sydney today.

A court martial panel in December found Jones guilty of seven acts of indecency against a junior sailor, who cannot be named.

The acts included four occasions when he smacked the sailor and other incidents when he told her to take off her pants, pulled down her underwear, made her lift up her top, and touched her bottom.


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I wonder if Captain Ned allowed this type of discipline under his command of the Raging Queen - a manly ship manned by manly men......

Probably not, because two different sexes were allegedly involved.
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FOUR occasions?!?! It took her FOUR occasions to finally file a complaint?!? I smell a rat.

That's my thought..

She willingly dropped trou, and supposedly is an educted woman.. (being an officer)..

And would know the difference between a lawful and legal order and sexual harassment UNLESS she was a willing partici-pant(less)