Speaking of Evacuatiions...


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V, It's beautiful here. The calm before..The wind has picked up a little.
I know, it's perfect outside. I went to Do Dah for lunch and sat outside.


Guess I'm ridin this out. Got booze and TP. Generator and Chainsaw. So short of the roof coming off the house I'm covered.:biggrin:


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Don't know if it's considered leaving but tonight we are heading to the FH, I don't want to have to fight weather and traffic tomorrow to get there.
What is FH??


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Originally posted by Mountain MaMa
V, It's beautiful here. The calm before..
Doesn't everyone feel kind of strange preparing for doom when it's such a wonderful day out? Wonder if we'll get it up here? They're preparing for doom too - I went to the grocery store last night and it was a zoo. :ohwell:


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Well, we haven't been given word yet, as to what the base is doing. Lots of speculation, and at this point, it's not really hard to figure out.

But right now, I'm heading to Philly this evening. I have wedding on Saturday, and this is a good opportunity for me to get some work done on my mom's house, as long as the power stays on.

If however they tell me that the base will be open tomorrow, and that I am to report, I will be here for the entire storm, at least until Friday night or early Saturday Morning. I HIGHLY doubt though that the base will be open at all on Friday. Thursday is still questionable though.

The only known closure on the base for tomorrow so far is the PSD department which is closing at noon. (they do all the travel arrangements/orders for the military). No word on any others.


IF we get the storm surge they are calling for, my house will be getting a bit wet. :frown:


I have the feeling that there are a lot of women around here that would like some other things to get a little wet.

OMG did I just say that. :blushing:


The following is a list of updates:(for the base)
1.Liberal leave policy in effect Thursday and Friday.

2.Gate 3 closes at 1800 Thursday. Will reopen Monday at 0530.

3. Gates 1 and 2 will remain on normal schedule.

4.The Drill Hall will be the primary emergency shelter for station residents. Absolutely no pets (except personal-assist animals), and no alcohol will be permitted. Pet owners should prearrange for animal boarding or shelter. Parents should bring snacks and entertainment for children as well as blankets and pillows. Food will be available at Patuxent Landing restaurant at cost. Standard rules and regulations for emergency shelters will be observed at all times.

For additional information, visit http://www.redcross.org/services/disaster and the Maryland Emergency Management Agency http://www.mema.state.md.us/ Residents and employees also are advised to watch local TV stations for more information. Additional information will be provided as it becomes available.
For school information in St. Mary's County, visit <http://www.smcps.k12.md.us/>. For Calvert County, visit http://www.calvertnet.k12.md.us <http://www.calvertnet.k12.md.us/> .

Everyone is asked to exercise extreme caution and recognize the potential seriousness of this storm and should take the appropriate measures to protect themselves, others and their property.