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GUYS I would do in a nanosecond:
Mel Gibson (in Braveheart attire – it's a kilt thing!)
Liam Neeson (in Rob Roy attire – see above!)
Sean Connery (he just keeps getting sexier..)
Antonio Banderas (in Zorro attire – with the horse...)
Viggo Mortensen (dressed as Aragorn in Lord of the Rings...)

BABES I would do in a nanosecond:
Angelina Jolie (in anything black...)
Nicole Kidman (in pigtails and cutoffs)
Sandra Bullock (girl-next-door fantasy...)
Gwyneth Paltrow (in Shakespearian garb...)
Charlize Theron (she's just SOOoo cute!)
and of course, Pixie...(on the blue sheets...)

FICTIONAL characters I would do in a nanosecond:
Wolverine (from the comic book)
Rhett Butler (especially if he really looked like Clark Gable!)
The Lone Ranger
Captain Nemo


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Joeyinlexingtonpark, well I never!....

Been so insulted in all my life! :bawl: I didn't make the cut! Oh well, at least Vrai thinks I'm hot chic! :lmao:

My list would be...

The Rock!!!
Mathew McConaughey
Matt Damon
Heath Ledger
and JoeyinLexingtonPark, until I found out I didn't make the cut! ;) :roflmao: Now I'm going with Frank who appreciates me! And made a very nice comment to me today. Made my day! :D


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Christy, you're too young for Joey. Did you miss the post where he was lusting after those fossilized broads like Sophia Loren and that chick from the Golden Girls?

.....Hey!....Wait a minute!.....???????


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Re: Joeyinlexingtonpark, well I never!....

Originally posted by Christy
Been so insulted in all my life! :bawl: I didn't make the cut! Oh well, at least Vrai thinks I'm hot chic! :lmao:

dont feel bad Christy *hug* I did not make the cut neither....*sniff* *sniff*

But I have been told otherwise, for others...lol


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Joey, it must be my avatar! It's not very flattering, but honest I'm a little less pig like with a little makeup and perfume! ;)


Originally posted by bknarw
I just saw a re-run of Friends last week and they were talking about the list of people that each person can have when they're in a relationship. You pick five famous people that it'd be okay to cheat on your lover with if you ever had the chance.

So who'd be on YOUR list?

Not that I would ever cheat or anything like that! But here would be my top 5!

1. Adam Sandler! He's just a cutie! And sooo funny!

2. Brenden Fraiser (as George of the Jungle!:p)

3. Ben Affleck (Prolly like the kind of guy he was in Armageddon)

4. Vin Diesel (just like he was in Fast and the Furious)

5. Kenny Chesney!:)

I know I know.... I'm weird!


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Originally posted by jetmonkey
In no particular order;
Patricia Arquette
Fairuza Balk
Amy Smart
Thora Birch
Janeane Garafalo
Lynn Russell
Alyson Hannigan
Kirsten Dunst
Senator Landrieu
Kate Winslett
Margaret Tuttwieler circa George Sr Presidency
Clares Danes AND Forlani
Laura Prepon
Amy Wynn Pastor
Neve Campbell
Christina Applegate
Leah Remini
Susan Sarandon and her hot daughter Eva Amurri in a three-way
Dixie Carter / Annie Potts three-way
Sharon Lawrence

Singers who think they are smart - Fiona Apple, Jewel et al
Women who date Carson Daly - Jennifer Juggs Hewitt, Tara Ried et al
Vapid models - Kim Smith, Megan Ewing, Letitia Casta et al.

Damn! With the exception of Susan Sarandon - and I didn't even find her attractive in Rocky Horror - and the Designing Women - I agree with pretty much all of these. Needs more redheads though.