Stabbings and riots in Dublin


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Our own country is doing the same thong other countries are doing.
We are allowing our own country to fill up with people roaming across our border like no border is even there.
We are filling our cities with unskilled, uneducated, uncivilized people who breed like minks and teach their spawn to hate us.

These Spanish speaking people refuse to learn our language, they all refuse to adhere to our culture, insist on displaying their own flags, Islamic people request their own laws, wear their slave scarves, treat their women like dogs and many of the women put up with it. We have Islamic women in our Congress---people would think that with their own freedom to speak, they would speak up for Islamic women the world over to have that same freedom but instead they speak out for the Palestinians who use their women and children as shields, Kidnap other women and children as bargaining chips in their perverted means of waging war.
How can I be expected to respect women like this Talib and Omar who use American freedoms to ignore the captivity of their own sex in Islamic countries. To belong to and revere Islam when they are deep in the knowledge of its. depravity.

There is but one Islam and those who adhere to it's teachings are either in favor of it's murderous teachings or hiding their beliefs until they gain the strength to turn all of the world into their slaves. Islam is NOT a religion of Peace. It is a religion of Hate.

No different than Christian nationalism. And the christain nationalists who work in our government and attack our country and beliefs.