state number 3, california, Murlin, now Michigan


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Whitmer will not be Governor in 2040 and wiser and more experienced administrations will come along and change that.
One day a person with a brain will realize that this dream of their is unsustainable.. We already know many of the failure of the bird killing and noisy wind generators and by them many of the solar panels being built right now will have failed. I have to say that Joe Biden has an excuse--he is old, and senile and his brain isn't functioning, I have to assume Whitmer does not have Alheimer's or dementia and that she is just a sht simple C word that is just another Enviro-wacko nut job.

Is that too strong? I don't know, but she does a lot of strange thing an intelligent person would not do. Maybe it has something to do with being a democrat.


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Ford and Chevrolet which went full scale EV like their friend Joe Biden told them to do are both suffering, and losing $Million$ thanks to their stupid switch to EV cars.
Both now have stopped production because the dealers are filed with EV's they can't sell because no one wants them.
In the future a lot of companies that started up with help from the Government are going to go belly up with this environmental BS,


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It's pretty simple really. All it takes to make anything reality is to have politicians with degrees in political science, basket weaving or Native American Studies mandate it.