Stiff penalty for Officer having service members’ D Picks coming from around the globe


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An Air Force Officer who served on the presidential security detail is accused of being the cockiest guy in the U.S. military.

Second Lt. Travis Burch faces a possible court-martial in Texas for urging service members to send him photos of their genitals from interesting locations around the world.

Burch was the chief member of a secret club known by the code name “Whiskey Delta Tango” that reveled in sharing photos of their junk while trotting around the globe, military investigators say.

The best of the bunch were rewarded with commemorative T-shirts, patches and coins featuring the symbol of a rooster.


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First I thought this was a redirect to the duffleblog, but this seems to be real.

From the defense attorney:

“This was a completely private group that is now embarrassed by Air Force investigators. They’re now being publicly shamed for lawfully and voluntarily sharing their penis pictures. It's a private matter.”

Yeah, that's like normal and stuff.


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