Strong Independent Feminist Gets A REALITY CHECK AFTER HITTING THE WALL At Age 40


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Ain't a black and white thing ...
Lotus Eaters have talked about this feminist problem at length ....
Male value goes up as they age as a Woman's value goes down as they age


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Male value goes up as they age

Only to a point, and depending on how well you've managed your prime. If you're a broken down 70 year old stressing about your retirement income, you don't have the same value as a young stud hedge fund manager.


If I may ...
For your consideration ...

Guys always think they're more attractive than they really are.

Isn't that just simply called self-confidence in those that have high self-esteem? Nothing wrong with that. However, I do think that it is women that think they're more attractive than they really are. That's why they look much better to men after downing about four beers with whiskey chasers.


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I remember reading an article in a health magazine many many years ago. It showed 3 pictures of a person: How they see themselves, how others see them, and how a mirror sees them. The self-image was far and away different than either of the other two, younger, more hair, more confidence, etc.

I've always remembered that article, and remind myself that my self-image is somewhat inflated.

That said, I'm beautiful.


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Heaven forbid black women look for mates from another race.
Date purple women instead.


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Guys always think they're more attractive than they really are.
It's pretty much a given, across species, that males are more attractive then females. Brighter coloring, fancier plumage, better symmetry, etc.

That's why most men don't feel the need to wear makeup, fake nails, fake lashes, body shaping clothing.

I mean, maybe you're just a bit on the LGBTQTIAW+ spectrum?

(just kidding)


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Had a friend that worked at USDA. He said he had a coworker that was soooo black, he was purple.
When the ancient Norse saw Black Africans, they called them Blaumen, Bluemen, as they looked as dark a blue as the night sky.