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She's wall to wall coverage right now and everyone else in the family works during the day. I think things will settle down eventually, we're still kind of working through the details. I have one brother in Lusby but his wife is home hospice care right now several days a week during the day, but he works during the day and has to be there at night, another brother is in Virginia, another in Colorado and then there's my oldest brother and we currently hate each other. I'm not going to get any relief from him and he's the only one close enough to provide it. We are looking into hiring someone a couple of days a week but that's going to take some time I'm afraid.
When things settle down, we'll work it out. You're going to need a break once in awhile.


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I'm confident it will too and yesterday, today was the first full day I've had her in my home. It wasn't as awful as I anticipated. We actually got along for the ten minutes she was awake today. She sure sleeps a lot.

That's encouraging news! In my limited experience, I've found people who are really elderly and ill sleep a lot. Conserves energy, I guess. 🤔