State Police Talbot County Drug Task Force Dismantles Drug-Trafficking Operation


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(EASTON, MD) – Eight people accused of a drug-trafficking ring on the Eastern Shore were arrested following a yearlong combined law-enforcement investigation.

The Talbot County Drug Task Force and Homeland Security Investigations began a covert investigation in Spring 2022 that culminated in the indictment of eight men in connection with a drug-trafficking operation in Talbot County. Maryland State Police joined more than two dozen local, state and federal law-enforcement agencies in dismantling the sale and distribution of illegal drugs, including cocaine and heroin, throughout Talbot, Dorchester, Caroline and Queen Anne’s counties.

The accused kingpin, Sherman Nathaniel Greene Jr., 42, of Cambridge, is charged with importing large quantities of illegal drugs, which co-conspirators assisted Greene in selling and distributing. Police served multiple search and seizure warrants on residences and vehicles in Talbot, Dorchester, Caroline and Queen Anne’s counties. The warrants yielded more than 1,300 grams of suspected cocaine, along with suspected heroin/fentanyl, two rifles and seven vehicles that were used to transport the drugs.

The Talbot County Drug Task Force is a cooperative enforcement effort between the Maryland State Police, Talbot County Sheriff’s Office, Easton Police Department, St. Michaels Police Department, Oxford Police Department, Maryland Natural Resources Police and the Talbot County State’s Attorney’s Office. The suspects have all been released on bail except for Greene, who is being held at the Dorchester County Detention Center without bond.

Sherman Nathaniel Greene Jr., 42, of Cambridge, was indicted in Talbot and Dorchester counties. He faces multiple charges including drug kingpin, firearm and drug trafficking, possession and manufacturing.

Anthony Tyrone Brinkley, 61, of Greensboro, was indicted in Talbot and Caroline counties on numerous drug offenses including distribution, possession of drugs and paraphernalia.

David Tyrone Carter Jr., 51, of Chester, was indicted in Talbot County and also facing charges in Queen Anne’s County.

Angelo Dwight Faulk, 50, of Easton, was indicted in Talbot County on charges of possession and distribution.

Kevin Greene, 56, of Easton, was indicted in Talbot County on charges of possession and distribution.

Clifton Levante Morton Sr., 49, of St. Michaels, was indicted in Talbot County on charges of possession and distribution.

Wayne Huelber Spence Jr., 49, of Cambridge, was indicted in Dorchester and Queen Anne’s counties on charges of possession and distribution.

Kelvin Patrice Smothers, 64, of Preston, was indicted in Dorchester, Talbot and Caroline counties. He is facing charges including illegal possession of ammunition, attempting to elude police and fleeing on foot.

Assisting agencies: Talbot County State’s Attorney’s Office, Dorchester County State’s Attorney’s Office, Caroline County State’s Attorney’s Office, Queen Anne’s County State’s Attorney’s Office, Kent County Narcotics Task Force, Queen Anne’s County Drug Task Force, Caroline County Drug Task Force, Dorchester County Drug Task Force, Wicomico County Drug Task Force, Somerset County Drug Task Force, Maryland State Police Strategic Operations Group, Maryland State Police Gun Enforcement Unit, Maryland State Police CED Eastern Region, Talbot County Sheriff’s Office CID, Easton Police Department CID, Homeland Security Investigations, DEA-Salisbury, Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office Swat Team, Easton Police Department Swat Team, Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Office Swat Team, Maryland State Police S.T.A.T.E Team, Natural Resources Swat Team, Talbot County Sheriff’s Office Patrol/K-9, MSP Easton Barrack Patrol/K-9, Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office Patrol, Greensboro Police Department Patrol, Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Office Patrol and Easton Police Department Patrol.


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