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Just watched a good film called The 11th Hour which was produced and narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio. It's an excellent look into how man's ways are negatively impacting the planet. Also addresses global climate change.

Netflix says:
Actor Leonardo DiCaprio's documentary on the global environmental crisis paints a portrait of a planet at risk while also offering some exciting and radical solutions for making life on earth sustainable. Tapping the brains of leading scientists and thinkers -- including Stephen Hawking and Mikhail Gorbachev -- the film ultimately delivers a hopeful message: Our planet may be in crisis, but that doesn't mean it's too late change.

Available at

Also on Netflix: Netflix Online Movie Rentals - The 11th Hour

There is also a website for the film/DVD: The 11th Hour - Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio - The Official Site - Warner Independent Pictures

Another related good watch would be Who Killed the Electric Car -- especially in light of what is going on now with the ailing auto industry. the film looks at GM's successful EV1 electric car that they produced in response to California clean air legislation. The people loved it and there were long lines to get one. GM's response? After a few years, they called in all of the leases and sent the cars off in the night to be crushed in the middle of the desert.

On Netflix: Netflix Online Movie Rentals - Who Killed the Electric Car
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Opinions are my own...
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It's not about feeling guilty. It's about recognizing and understanding the problem, then individually and collectively looking for answers and working together to bring about the solution. As with voting, everyone's participation is important. :)