The Atlantic Scout and Media Baseball League


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Dear Baseball Enthusiasts,

A “new” Scout league- The Atlantic Scout and Media Baseball League is now forming in your local area. The league is now registering teams for the 2003 season. The league aims to offer an advanced level of competition. It’s mission is to prepare its athletes for success at their next level of play. Our goal is to create more opportunities for its athletes through media sponsors andindependent scouting.

The players who play in the league will have the opportunity to be recommended by us as candidates for the USA Teams. The teams who win the league will get a bid to play in the National AAU Tournament.

The Atlantic Scout and Media Baseball League (ASMBL) is set to open for play April 2003 (ages14-10) and June 1(ages 15 through college unlimited). High School through College Unlimited will start June 8, 2003. The ASMBL is currently looking for local Little Leagues and Babe Ruth Leagues who would like to add AAU sanctioning to their existing travel program. This allows your teams another opportunity to get a bid to a quality National Tournament. This does not mean you have to give up what you are doing already. The ASMBL will be a travel program that will run on weekends only and can run around your important league dates. The main day of scheduling will be Sundays but if your league has available facilities on Saturdays or you have lights then we may even allow your teams to play their entire schedule at your home park and play on those days. The are many benefits to being a Facility host. If you or anyone is interested in being a Regional Coordinator for the ASMBL or would just like more info please send and email to