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I don't think it is possible for you to expect any kind of answer to the question you directed towards Kain.

IMHO when a man unconditionally, truly loves a woman, he really does think she is beautiful/attractive/sexy no matter what anyone elses opinion may be. So, even if the rest of the world , or the woman herself, would of considered the woman to be a "plain jane" she really isn't because she has found the one think most normal humans seek.... the soul mate who accepts her for good or for bad and that, in turn, gives her an air of confidence and that, in turn, makes her attractive to most of the general population (with the exception of those who will never have a clue about what I am talking about).

So, is Kain beautiful? Yes. :bubble:

Preach, Brother Kwilla!


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She is looking for "Mr. Will-Still-Love-Me-When-I-End-Up-With-Stretch-Marks-From-Birthing-His-Babies".

Ahhhh.... The Perfect Man! :wink:


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Always a good idea to keep Biscuit's eyebrows in place. :biggrin:

And Smalltown what are ya doing? If ya keep talking about PM's people might get the idea that we really like each other and our flame wars will loose their punch!

Men! Ya gotta walk them through everything..... Geez!

BTW.... Pixie is beautiful too, but ya probably already knew that.

Sorry, won't mention it again..:smile:


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Sorry, won't mention it again..:smile:

Thank You!

Now back to business....... Smalltown your a rotten knuckle head! :biggrin:


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Back on to the topic-

I dont know why, though, that this one is bothering me more. The Bachelor, is and was sometimes painful to watch, when he did not give roses to certain girls and to see them cry. But there is something about seeing the pain in the eyes of these guys, when they dont get a boutiner. I was actually feeling really bad last night. Jess spoke up and said, "I dont wanna watch this anymore" when she went in the room with that one guy and left all the others. I thought that was kinda wrong too

Maybe I am just being sentimental about the whole damn thing, but it just is so much more apparent when seeing these guys and their faces...its just makes me sad, when I see the hurt in their face.