The Beanery Cafe & Bakery


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The owner of Blue Wind Gourmet just opened The Beanery Café & Bakery this week. Stopped in today for lunch everything I had was excellent. Their quiche of the day (The Sotterely) was amazing. I seriously need to try and recreate this at the house! Super yummy! It was roasted tomatoes & onions w/ gruyere cheese. Omg so good!!! The Chicken Bacon Gruyere Panini was great also. It did come w/ a tomato jam that was a little too sweet for my liking but otherwise it was great. Paninis, wraps, and daily specials come w/ choice of house salad, bean salad, or kale slaw. We got the salad & bean salad. Both were excellent. The salad greens were super fresh my only critic was they only had one sweet vinaigrette which tasted like it might be raspberry?? A little sweet but still good. The bean salad was my favorite. Really fresh bright flavors. Loved it!

I'm also currently eating a slice of their Key Lime Pie at my desk and its legit! Taste like they added a little coconut for a tropical twist.

Definitely will be going back!

Their website isn't up right now otherwise I'd share it.


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Awesome! I will definitely have to check them out. Between you and my friends who ate there today all I heard were rave reviews. :yay:


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Where is it?
It's where Anita's Cakes used to be. Looks like they have added a drive thru window too. Although its not operational right now hopefully in the near future.
Awesome! I will definitely have to check them out. Between you and my friends who ate there today all I heard were rave reviews. :yay:

I think the food here may be a step above Blue Wind, so if you enjoy them you'll like The Beanery. The wraps looked excellent I want to get back and try the crab one :yum:


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Went back today for lunch...words out it was insanely busy. Ordered lunch to go for the office... we got 2 of the turkey wraps (turkey, power slaw which was shaved Brussels sprouts and carrots tossed w/ a vinaigrette) one of the gals said it was good...the other said it wasn't her favorite and was lacking flavor. The Cuban was excellent! Really really good the best we've had locally. I got the daily quiche again which was roasted vegetables and it was fantastic. Filled w/ squash, asparagus, mushrooms, onions, etc... Tried the kale slaw as a side and it was dressed in a sweet sauce of was good but heavily dressed. Which was definitely problematic w/ our meals that were to go. They are just plastic containers w/ no dividers or anything so the dressing got on our wraps and sandwiches. I had asked if they could box the bean salad separately which they did but didn't think to ask about the kale salad.