The Circumnavigation Of Punch Island Defeats The Northeast Wind, Yields Fish

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Three days of NE wind, increasing in strength each day, set the stage for yesterday's guided excursion into Chesapeake Bay beginning at the Solomons boat ramp. It was planned to be a trip that served two anglers: one who flyfished almost exclusively, and the other a novice spinning rod caster. We departed The Solomons ramp at around 6am and traveled immediately to the rip off Cedar Point to intercept fish that might be breaking there, and offer my clients some easy surface targets. But the fish were uncharacteristically not cooperative, and although a few smallish bluefish were jigged off the ridge, there seemed to be no pattern to it, and a half a dozen other professionals trolled all around us with very little success.

So we headed eastward, out across the bay, in my 19' open, center console guideboat, named "Cortland" taking a course that paralleled the wave sets and headed for Hooper's Island Bridge. The wind was about twelve knots from the NE and appeared to be increasing. The idea was to get to the windward shore where the wind would not create waves too uncomfortable to fish. Once there, we could motor about the entire length of the island chain from the Choptank River down to Hooper Straits, while staying in the lee of the wind.

As I had been in the Honga River the day before, we next went to the Hoopers Island Bridge and fished there for a while. By drifting under the bridge , we located, caught and released, many small stripers and bluefish. The fly fishing guy worked a double fly rig with the leading fly being an extra heavy Clouser deep minnow, and the trailing fly a floating deerhair diver. Both were white with highlights of yellow that brightly contrasted the water color. I think the florscent red nose wraps also aid greatly. The flyline was a Cortland 325gr Quick Descent, that carried the flies down to the bottom, about fourteen feet, in twenty-one seconds or so.

The spinning lure was a whitehead 1/2oz Gotcha-type with a salt and pepper Twister Slimey-Slug. The spinning gear, if anyone cares to note, was a 6 1/2ft Cortland CTR graphite rod with a Bass Pro Mega Tx 40 reel, spooled with 14lb flame green Fireline. There was a three foot piece of 25lb mono shock tippet on the end of the Fireline, tied with a triple surgeon's knot, and connected to the jig with a "no-name+ loop knot.

More later.....
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Good luck Capt! I don't know about all that fancy stuff you use to fish but...

When my sons were younger they got a stick from the woods here, tied a piece of yarn to it and stuck a paperclip on the end to use as a hook. We walked down to the bay beach and they went fishing in the pond. Much to their delight (and my shock), they caught quite a few baby spot and some other tiny fish. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it. :cheers:

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I am a fisherman in general, but not an avid one of spin casting and the like. I bottom fish most of the summer and troll for rock in the fall in the area where I know the river, the Wicomico and middle Potomac from St. Clement's Island to the 301 Bridge. I applaud your efforts to try and get some local exchange on the fishing scene, but I think you may be a little too technical for the folks around here. I think it will be hard to get a serious, ongoing exchange of people who talk about the type of line and lure or rig they're using. Even for me, as a general fisherman, it's a little tedious to follow your story. A lot of the fishermen in the southern Maryland area may not be the computer type like the big Grady White and Mako boat owners on other larger fishing sites.

Having said that, maybe you could curtail your stories/reports to be a little more general, and then I for one would be more than happy to chime in from time to time.

For starters, how is the season shaping up for the fall rock? What's a good hot or steady rig/bucktail/spoon to use this year? This fall season will be my first as a boat owner, so I want to know how to gear up.

PS, could they give you a little less time on the Channel 10 show? I think both those shows are informative for the bay fishermen, but they are entirely too short.


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Strippers on spinning gear!

Anyone serious into strippers in So. Md. (not master-baiters) knows who Capt' Brady is. Even my cousin's friends in Atlanta know him. I just found this forum and I'll be back often. I don't use fly gear but I love tricking fish on artificials, so I use fly and bass techniques on good spinning gear.
The key to catching local gamefish is staying on top of their 'hatch' and patterns. Most of us mortals can't get out there as often as the pros and your open and honest reports are absolutely invaluable.
I'll post reports when I can and hopefully others will too. I've found them feeding on 3 inch anchovies in about 25 ft. of water. Rig a Got-cha plug ( or small lead spoon/jig) with a deceiver fly teaser 15" ahead and cast over and work under the bubbling schools of bait. I use 20"long, 17# flourocarbon leaders on 14# fireline.