"The Devil We Know" documentary on NETFLIX

The Devil We Know is a 2018 investigative documentary film by director Stephanie Soechtig regarding allegations of health hazards from Teflon, and the DuPont corporation's potential responsibility. It includes footage of public hearings, news reports and corporate ads, along with input from scientists and activists.[

In her latest expose, “The Devil We Know” — which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival this week — Soechtig investigates how harmful Teflon is to our health. First introduced to consumers in 1945 by the corporation DuPont, Teflon was marketed as something that could make life easier. “It was supposed to liberate women from the kitchen,” Soechtig explains. “ ‘Look, you don’t have to stay scrubbing your pans all day long!’ ”

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"Teflon would go on to become so ubiquitous that as the documentarian discovered, the chemical can now be found in the bloodstream of 99.7% of Americans."

If you have not seen this yet... it is a must!