The last of us


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Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy off topic......

I enjoy most of the home improvement/ rehab shows. That couple in Galveston do a pretty good job, The woman is a nut sometimes, but I like her spunk. I like those hippies in Maine that rebuild old cabins. But, I have NO IDEA what Ashley's job is except be a PIA. She's a designer like I'm a Vegas xylophone tuner...
The two sisters on that move and flip show in Texas were cool, but it went off the air.... Don't care for the Gaines, the Waco Texas couple. He's tired of being a buffoon, and she's too much a Karen... Just me.

Remember when Roy Underhill, that carpenter from the Mountains who gouged his fingers and broke tools was on?? He was a hoot...


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He was a hoot...
:lol: He was always out of breath after working a brace or plane.

There's a few shows not in the mainstream from 10+ years ago that I like, Deck It where they transform a backyard into a resort. A pair of brothers in Nova Scotia that build stuff just for the sake of building stuff, like floating hot tubs. And there's always the eternal This Old House on PBS, but I get frustrated watching that because I love what they can do but could never afford what they do. The best of the best.


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Frightening new fungus. What is it? Who is susceptible?

Experts weigh in on potentially deadly fungus detected in over half of US states

Cases of a potentially deadly fungus have risen to an alarming rate — sparking a warning from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that it is an "urgent threat" in a recent release about a new study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

Cases have soared nearly 200%, from 476 cases in 2019 to 1,471 in 2021 — and those cases were detected in over half of U.S. states, the CDC report found.

Candida auris or C. Auris is a fungus typically found in hospital settings and long-term care facilities.

The concern with this particular strain, he said, is that "many recent cases have been found to be resistant to commonly used medications to treat infection and in the limited number of cases have had a 30% to 60% mortality rate."



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Although I enjoyed the series - I found the pace VERY OFTEN to be obscenely slow - not unlike some stretches of "The Walking Dead" where so little actually HAPPENS, upon re-watching you have to pause and think - did I already SEE this one?

I'm never much on board with whole or signicantly large portions are assigned to back story. I think that's weak story telling. I prefer many "in media res" - in the middle of things - and you figure it out by good exposition.

It's why I hate the shows that open with a teaser and then after opening credits - it goes "48 Hours EARLIER" - they gave you the exciting teaser, but they're now gonna back up to show how they got there - and they do it a LOT.

While wife and I like "The Accused" - this starting almost at the end, and flipping around through the story timeline drives me crazy.

But I digress ---

I was really hoping "The Last of Us" would be non-stop post-apocalyptic world action. And most times it was a snooze fest.