The Late Show on CBS

I used to like Stephen Colbert. I thought he was insightful, witty, and just fun to watch.

Ever since the election, he has gone out of his way to denounce Trump and the election. Most comedians inject a few zingers in their monologue, and that's expected, but his entire monologue is devoted to Trump bashing. Ever since the election. It's really tiresome. His audience and guests are absolutely Democrats.

In one statement he says Trump is president, and we need to unite as a nation and support the new administration and get past the anger. In the very next sentence, he insists that people exercise their first amendment rights and don't ever stop protesting, showing pictures of the widespread protests across the nation last night, cheering them on.

WTF, Steve?

Larry Gude

Strung Out
Very simple. Right now anti trump sentiment is a freight train. He doesn't have the guts to even try to slow it down just now let alone get in front of it. Maybe this latest fit, the recount, is the next step in grieving?