The Male Loneliness Epidemic


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“Men Deserve To Be Lonely!” Responding To Backlash Over ‘The Male Loneliness Epidemic’​



Women are different today, IMO. Last year, I watched my son go through a horrible break up. He was with the snob for 8 years and she nagged and nitpicked him to death.

He finally kicked her out in Oct. of last year. She cried and begged him not to break up but he couldn't take it anymore. Nothing was ever good enough and soon after, she hooked up with somebody my son suspected wasn't "just a friend." She got engaged to that guy 5 months post breakup. It will be interesting to see how that works out considering he is stationed in California and she is in Maryland.

He is lonely but happy. He'll be 29 later this year so hopefully he'll meet somebody that is more present than this last one. I just wish he didn't spend so much time on this last one.