The Patriot way...

Larry Gude

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...I think by now that everyone has a pretty clear picture of how the Pats do business; a GREAT qb who plays and practices like a 6th round pick desperate to show he was worth a long shot, a really good coach with a knack for good assistants who all are able to get their guys to make a play or two more per game than the other guys and an owner/coach agreement that hungry players with who are willing to go like the game rests on every single play and that that is best achieved with an ever changing core of young, motivated and hungry guys with the right FA's who aren't about the money and just want to win before it's all over.

They win with offense. They win with defense. They win with special teams. They win with obscure cornerbacks making plays that will live though the ages. They win with kickers who don't miss when it matters most. They win with finding ways to get match ups they want and they are relentless in the expectation to do as you're coached to do.

I found this piece interesting not because it more or less rehashes what we know but more so because it really seems to be taking exception with it.

Malcolm Butler made a play for the ages. So do LOTS of Patriots. It would be nice if he could cash in and make a ton of dough. That's just not what this team does.


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Yup. A lot of us have known that for quite a while now. The Pats are a TEAM, not a bunch of "me" guys. Keep on truckin', NE.