The Starr report


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I have never read the Starr report. With current political events being what they are, I wanted to look something up which I've now long forgotten about. So I found an online version and started reading. Quite fascinating. I didn't realize that they keep very accurate records in the White House. Down to the minute of where the president is at any given time. Even when he's in a room for a few minutes they note his entry and exit time. The same records are kept of phone calls.

From the details provided by secret service agents and other WH staff, it was no secret that Bill had a special visitor on a number of occasions. Monica hung around so much that the Deputy chief of staff for operations had Monica reassigned elsewhere. From the text of the report, you can see how delicate people spoke of Bill's intern problem.

[FONT=&quot]Most people understood that the principal reason for Ms. Lewinsky's transfer was her habit of hanging around the Oval Office and the West Wing.[/FONT][SUP](295)[/SUP][FONT=&quot] In a memo in October 1996, John Hilley, Assistant to the President and Director of Legislative Affairs, reported that Ms. Lewinsky had been "got[ten] rid of" in part "because of 'extracurricular activities'" (a phrase, he maintained in the grand jury, that meant only that Ms. Lewinsky was often absent from her work station).[/FONT][SUP](296)[/SUP]


There is testimony of phone sex and other sordid details. I bet the secret service agents had some great stories to tell after a few drinks. I have to believe that this was standard operating procedure for Billy boy. Find the low hanging fruit and use her for your pleasure. It must have had him shaking in his boots when Monica was called to testify. He had to know they had the drop on him. But he encouraged her to equivocate about their relationship.

Mueller should be coming out with his own report soon. It will be fascinating to see how they try to connect dots that don't seem to be there.