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I want to like this show. I enjoy the genre and I love Chris Pratt, but....yikes.

It should have been a movie, not a series. And Chris Pratt is too smart assy cute to be a serious action hero. The dialog and the plotting....ugh.

I want to like you, Terminal List, but as of episode 4 I think it's time for us to break up.


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I watched all of it. Like you really wanted to love it but the flashbacks were getting on my nerves and that dead bird. The ending will not see..I would like to comment on but will ruin it for other people and so I guess will be a couple years before can say what I think about it.
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We had the same feeling about it - wife loves Chris Pratt and wanted to see him in something, as she likes him in every movie. She HAD to drag me to see the latest Jurassic in the theaters - and she's got the same thing for Hemsworth, so I know we're going to see Thor.
We're halfway through like you - and she's not sure she wants to bother. Right now we're catching up on Outlander, but after that, we're done with any current series we both like. (We both liked "Lincoln Lawyer" and mostly liked "Umbrella Academy").

The PROBLEM with a lot of streaming series is, they're almost DESIGNED to move at a glacial pace - they have about three hours of a James Bond/Indiana Jones paced action movie - but they have to spread it out over 8-12 episodes. I've noticed this ESPECIALLY with the Disney+ Marvel/Star Wars series. VERY SLOW pace.

I've almost given up on ALL of the Star Trek Paramount series, because they do the same damned thing - long season stretching story arcs that move so slowly, that when they "pay off", you're mostly glad it's OVER.

With one exception - the latest "Strange New Worlds" has finally realized what makes those kind of shows fun - old-fashioned episodic seasons, where each episode is a distinct story. It finished last week, and if you're a fan of the original, it does deliver. The finale - which I won't spoil except to say, it puts an interesting spin on one of my very favorite Treks - "Balance of Terror" - where they first meet the Romulans and play a cat and mouse duel in space highly reminiscent of "The Enemy Below" on which the writer based his story.