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I've been getting a flyer a week in the mailbox, and now I see them on DC tv. Anyone ever use them?

I have a rather large picture window that needs replacing, and was wondering if there was any reason not to call Thompson.


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They sealed their fate with me years ago when they never showed to the any appointments we made. Apparently their time was more valuable to them than my money. Eff'em!


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Had a friend use TC 2-3 years ago to replace all the windows in their house. Split level house - completed the job in one day. They were pleased with the process.


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We've used them to replace all of the windows and sliding glass door in our house. This summer they replaced the Bow window and converted it to a bay window. Very happy with the product and service.


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3 former Lowe's employee that I know of went there within the past few months for new jobs.


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When we were shopping for windows, siding and gutters, we called Thompson Creek and Power Home Remodeling Group. Power Home came first, reasonable estimate. The Thompson Creek salesman came second. When we showed him the Power Home estimate, he said that he couldn't beat it. He did go through the estimate and told us that we were getting a great deal. I really liked him and his honesty. He was very professional. It came down to a money thing. We are very satisfied with the job that Power Home did. We just a warranty issue last spring and the fixed it very quickly.


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They did my mom's windows, roof, gutters and siding last year. Very happy with the work. Also wrapped the soffits and porch posts.